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How to download a Vimeo Video

Vimeo.com is the 2nd best video streaming web after Youtube. There are some great Vimeo video you would like to download, unfortunately my previous post about How to download a Youtube video won't work because you need to buy the premium version of clip extractor in order to download from other streaming site like Vimeo. To download from Vimeo you can use an alternative downloader which is called Kastor

Step 1 : Download Kastor Vimeo Downloader 

Go to kastorsoft.com, and you can see the website appear as the picture below.

Click on 'Free Vimeo Downloader' . It should appear a big disc as the picture below, click on the 'Download' button


Save it to your computer.

Run the setup


Step 2 : Find a Vimeo video and download it

Now find a Vimeo video you like and copy paste into the bar above and click download at the right side where you paste the link. You can change the output path where you want your downloaded video to locate. Now just wait for the download to finish and you have your Vimeo video on your computer!

Create your own beat with - Qwerty Beats

Yo! Try to create something funky music out of this!

PC Wizard - Keep track of your system information

Pc Wizard logo
Want to know all your system information in one place? PC Wizard is the right software for it. You can get to know your all of the name of your system. motherboard, processor, chipset, video card, hard disk, Operating system. Voltage of your processors are also viewable to prevent over heat. You are able to analyze how good is your computer performance with it.

Read the full review and get PC Wizard here http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/pc-wizard.html#whatispcwizard

Pc Wizard system information program interface

Sony Vegas - How to put a video over a video

Sony Vegas how-to step-by-step guide. You want to put your video on another video? Lets say you have two video, your main video and you sub-video. You need you sub-video to be on top of your main video as a small screen on the corner. This is easy as it just require a little cropping action to do it. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

            This is how your end product should look like. The Jigsaw face on top of the Static-X face.

1 - Import both of you video

Here I have both of my video imported, Just drag it down to the timeline. If you think that the audio is annoying and you doesn't need it just click the audio and click "CTRL + U" to seperate it and hit DELETE.
The sub-video that you need it to be on top will be at the top layer and the main-video will be at the lower layer.

Step 2 - Click the Event Pan/Crop the sub-video

Click the button on the on your sub-video as shown on the figure above.

Step 3 - Re-size it and position anywhere you like

As you can see there is a "F" word, imagine the "F" is the screen. When you enlarge the "F" the sub-video will become smaller. Try to re-size and position it with the help of your screen on your top right.

This makes your sub-video on the top right of you main-video.

  If this helped you please share this or +1 it and comment to say Thank you

Sony Vegas - Best Video editor for beginners

Sony Vegas is the best video editor
I am currently using Sony Vegas Pro 10, I must say that I am really satisfy what Sony Vegas gave to me. In the early days when I first expose to Video Editing, I had used many many other Video Editing software but I can't really understand how to use them properly. Until one of my friend introduce me to Sony Vegas, I tried it and was never gonna change to use any other video editing software anymore. Let me show you why any other beginner should use Sony Vegas.


1. Easy to manage

  After you import your file to Sony Vegas, everything is much more easier. Just Drag and drop your media into the timeline. All you have to do is dragging, want to make the video shorter, drag the side ; Exchange position for a media, drag and pull, lower opacity, drag and pull down. Cutting scene? Just click "S". It has preview box on your top right to show whether you are doing right or not.

The best video editor Sony Vegas interface

2. Cool Effect ready to use

  Sony Vegas has hundreds of effect in it ready to use. Want to implement the effect to your video? Just Drag and drop. 

Sony Vegas Video editor has many cool effect which you can use to implement to your media

3.Hundreds of Awesome Transition

  You have hundreds of transition to put between your media to suit your video.

Sony Vegas Video editor has a lot of transition available for use.

4. Rendering is easy and selectable

  Rendering is easy and can be render to many file format like Mp3, Mov, Avi, Wmv, etc and HD video can also be render. It is quite fast depending on your computer performance and you may select which part of the video you would like to render. 

Sony Vegas Video editor is easy to render

5. Other awesome feature

  There are other awesome feature on Sony Vegas like Cropping video, putting subtitle, creating credits, trim audio, etc. 

In a nutshell

  Sony Vegas is definitely my pick. Sony Vegas is a video editor that is well-recognize and there are millions of tutorial waiting for you to watch them. There is a 30 day free trial for you to use it, and then you can decide whether to buy them or not. I give Sony Vegas 10/10.

Please leave a comment to ask about Sony Vegas or to say hi.

How to Convert Video to any File Format with this Awesome Video Converter

Video to video converter with Xmedia Recode
Having trouble trying to convert your video file format to the one you desire? Or Can't find the perfect video converter on the net? Fear not, introducing XMedia Recode, an all in one video converter that is easy to use and free. All you have to do is download this software and you can start your videos convert in just a few easy steps. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to convert you video file to any file format including, Avi, Mov, Wmw, Mp3, Mp4, etc.


Step 1 - Download this file at http://www.xmedia-recode.de/download.html

Xmedia Recode video to video converter website

Step 2 - Open the file

Xmedia Recode video to video converter interface

Step 3 - Choose your file and select what file format would you like to convert to

Xmedia Recode video to video converter tutorial
1 - Click Open file and choose your file
2 - Choose your file format you want to converter to
3 - Select the file , if multiple file click Shift + click or CTRL + click, then click add job
4 - Click encode

That is all, now you can view your newly converted video in the destination folder you saved. Have a nice day converting videos.

How to Download a Youtube Video

How to download youtube videoIntroducing Youtube Clip Extractor. It enables you to download Youtube video in just a few easy steps. All you have to do is just copy the Youtube video link that you want to download and paste it on Youtube Clip Extractor. The download speed is Amazingly faster than your normal internet speed. The format of the Youtube video you downloaded is AVI.

Step 1 - Go to http://www.youtubeclipextractor.com/ and download the basic version of the file
This is how the website looks like

Step 2 - Open the file, it is called Clip Extractor                            

How to download a youtube video using clip extractor 
Clip Extractor

Step 3 - Find the Youtube video you want to download and copy the link

How to download a youtube video search for the youtube video and copy the youtube video link to download it

Step 4 - Paste it in Clip Extractor and click Start Download

How to download a youtube video paste the link into clip extractor

Clip extractor doesn't offer video converter. If you want to convert to your video file format to others like mp3 view my post about How to convert video to any file format with this awesome video converter

  That is all, now you can view your youtube video that you downloaded just now in the folder you saved. Have a good time downloading Youtube Videos.