Google+ - The new generation of Social Network

Google+, the new social network everyone will be using in the future. It is like a copy of Facebook and upgraded it with better feature, well-design look, and easy to use.

Google+ what is so good about it?

  • Stream 

Google+ StreamSame as Facebook, You can share news, status updates, photos and video with your friends. In Google+, you are able to share to a certain someone you sort in a group called circle.  As you can see at the picture on the right, It is sort into Friends, Family, Acquaintances, following. Click on one of the stream and you can view all the posts by the circle and post stuff that only the certain circle can see. Google+ encourage privacy control to share something to someone you trust.

  • Circles 

In Facebook, everyone is your friends. You share your news to everyone, everyone can see your photos, video etc. Google+ encourage you to sort out your friends, family, acquaintance, following. Your friends are also be able to put in 2 circle. For example, if your brother is also your friend, you may add him to family and friend circle. So when you post something in your friends or family then he is able to see it. You can sort your people to circles in a fun drag and drop way. You can change which circle you would like your people to be in any time.

  • Hang outs 
Hang outs allow you to video chat with multiple people at the same time. All you have to do is install Google voice and video plugin and you are good to go. It is easy to get started and all you need is a webcam. Its amazing how good the quality of the sound and video is.
Google+ Hang out

  • sparks 
  Sparks is a feature that enable you to keep in touch on what is new in your field of interest. Let's say you add an interest to your spark "One Piece", you will receive the latest chapters, news, event about One Piece. Google sparks is like Google search but it provides you with the latest and quality content.

Google+ Spark
 This is the list of sparks I added in my Google+ account. So whenever I wanted to get the latest news from 'earn money blogging' , I will click on it to see what's new. Then, I found a very interesting post about 'how to really earn money blogging' I decided to share it with  my friends. All I have to do is click share and include which circle I would like to post to. Sharing is so simple!
Google+ spark news

  • Huddle
  Google+'s Huddle is a new way for your to stay in touch with your friends while you are on the go. It is kinda like Twitter, you can send message to a group of people or individual friend who are in Google+ Mobile. It doesn't have a web version so I can't screenshot for you. Take a look at Google Youtube video introducing Huddle.


In a nutshell

Google+ features 

  I give Google+ a 9/10. I heard that people said the Google Plus is "Facebook with no people". Well,  It is still new and under-development. It is still on invite only people, that means people who wants to join Google Plus can't join. Give Google+ a few month, I bet Google Plus will take down Facebook. Everyone will migrate to Google+ eventually.

Leave your comments below to share your thoughts about Google Plus. And if you want a Google Plus invite, I can spare some to you, just leave your e-mail below in the comment box.

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