Sony Vegas - How to put a video over a video

Sony Vegas how-to step-by-step guide. You want to put your video on another video? Lets say you have two video, your main video and you sub-video. You need you sub-video to be on top of your main video as a small screen on the corner. This is easy as it just require a little cropping action to do it. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

            This is how your end product should look like. The Jigsaw face on top of the Static-X face.

1 - Import both of you video

Here I have both of my video imported, Just drag it down to the timeline. If you think that the audio is annoying and you doesn't need it just click the audio and click "CTRL + U" to seperate it and hit DELETE.
The sub-video that you need it to be on top will be at the top layer and the main-video will be at the lower layer.

Step 2 - Click the Event Pan/Crop the sub-video

Click the button on the on your sub-video as shown on the figure above.

Step 3 - Re-size it and position anywhere you like

As you can see there is a "F" word, imagine the "F" is the screen. When you enlarge the "F" the sub-video will become smaller. Try to re-size and position it with the help of your screen on your top right.

This makes your sub-video on the top right of you main-video.

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