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Vagex It is IMPORTANT to increase your Youtube view in order to get ranked in Youtube. Posting videos on a crowded niche like 'Making money online' won't get your video to first page.


Now with Vagex, you can easily get ranked on first page in Youtube. How does it work?

vagex main page
This is how a vagex main page looks like

   You view other people's video on Youtube to earn 1 credit for each view or higher depending on the time set by the uploader. You can exchange the 1 credit for a view for your Youtube video. Vagex have a viewer that runs automatically, open it and leave it in your background and forget.

vagex download viewer or plugin
There are 2 ways to view Youtube video to earn credits. The first one is download add-on for you browser so that your browser view Youtube video automatically. The second one is download a viewer from Vagex and let it run in your background. I recommend the second way because it is faster and will not close if your internet connection disconnected for a short while.

Vagex adding a video to your Vagex accountBesides earn credit by viewing, you can also earn credit by auto-like, auto-subscribe, auto-favorite, and auto-comment. The same thing goes to your video, you can enable these feature for only 1 credit per likes, subscribe, favorite and comments. You are able to type in which is your main keyword to your video and Vagex will find your video using to search function on Youtube to increase your video ranking using the keyword provided.

Referral program is also available on Vagex, you can earn a portion of your referral's credit earn. So the more referral you have, the more view can be given to your Youtube video. If you don't have any video on youtube, you can use the credit to pay out to your paypal account. Exchange Rate = $1 / 13793.6 credits. The exchange rate may varies from time to time. The main thing Vagex is doing is to increase your video rank, if you want to use Vagex to earn money, it is up to you.

  Vagex has brought my video up to 2nd rank on Youtube using a specific keyword. I am very satisfied for the services provided by Vagex. I give him a 10/10

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  2. I highly appreciated this kind of well written post, for having very detailed information that could help us to have an idea on how to get more views on YouTube. I am still learning to follow all the process to increase youtube view, and it is all worth it to do it. Thank you.

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