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StumbleuponAre you bored with the same old website you been to? There a few thousands of great website that are stay hidden from you. Now with Stumble Upon, you are able to discover more.

What is StumbleUpon?

It is a website that allow you to discover more great quality website on the web. It randomly show you a site in your field of interest. What you find on StumbleUpon is 100% Quality site and not "trash". Just a click of "Stumble" and I can find limitless of content that I wanted.

Stumbleupon stumble your interests button

Your Interests

  The first thing to do when you sign up for StumbleUpon is to set your interests. After setting your interests, click stumble and a random page will show up. The page you stumble will depends on what interests you set on your account. You can also stumble only a interest  by selecting the interest. For example, when I click photoshop and click stumble, only Photoshop related page will be shown.

Lets click on and see what happens

Stumbleupon stumble your interests button

Oh, Look What I stumbled

Stumbleupon landing page
Cool, How to read signs and recognize Gestures. This stumble must be from my interest "Psychology". And If I am not interested in this, I will click Stumble again on the top left side to stumble me to another great page.

I like It

I like this page a lot and I click I like it, what does it do? It will save this page to view in the future in your account. You will be a able to stumble through your favorite, that means the page you stumble will be similar to the page you liked.

Other ways to stumble

Besides stumbling with your interests, you are able to stumble with many other ways by selecting the Stumbling mode.
Stumbleupon stumbling mode
Stumble mode (shares) : Stumble pages that are similar to the pages you shared to other stumbler.
Stumble mode (Friends) : Stumble what your friends are interested
Stumble mode (photos) : Stumble only photos
Stumble mode (videos) : Stumble only Videos
Stumble mode (news) : Stumble only news
Stumble mode (sites) : Stumble specific site, like blogger, youtube, collegehumor, etc

Weekly recommendation 

  StumbleUpon also recommend you new interest that are similar to your current interest every week to your e-mail inbox. .
Stumbleupon weekly recommendation

In a nutshell

  StumbleUpon is for someone who is bored with the same old sites, or just looking for some interesting stuff. You can also use StumbleUpon to find the inspiration you need to do what you like. Searching for guides or tutorial are also able to do so on StumbleUpon. I found tons of Photoshop tutorial using StumbleUpon. You learn new things everyday on StumbleUpon. Overall I would give 10/10 to StumbleUpon because it never fail to entertain me and I learn a lot of new stuff. It is also easy to use and has nice design.

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