Sony Vegas - Best Video editor for beginners

Sony Vegas is the best video editor
I am currently using Sony Vegas Pro 10, I must say that I am really satisfy what Sony Vegas gave to me. In the early days when I first expose to Video Editing, I had used many many other Video Editing software but I can't really understand how to use them properly. Until one of my friend introduce me to Sony Vegas, I tried it and was never gonna change to use any other video editing software anymore. Let me show you why any other beginner should use Sony Vegas.


1. Easy to manage

  After you import your file to Sony Vegas, everything is much more easier. Just Drag and drop your media into the timeline. All you have to do is dragging, want to make the video shorter, drag the side ; Exchange position for a media, drag and pull, lower opacity, drag and pull down. Cutting scene? Just click "S". It has preview box on your top right to show whether you are doing right or not.

The best video editor Sony Vegas interface

2. Cool Effect ready to use

  Sony Vegas has hundreds of effect in it ready to use. Want to implement the effect to your video? Just Drag and drop. 

Sony Vegas Video editor has many cool effect which you can use to implement to your media

3.Hundreds of Awesome Transition

  You have hundreds of transition to put between your media to suit your video.

Sony Vegas Video editor has a lot of transition available for use.

4. Rendering is easy and selectable

  Rendering is easy and can be render to many file format like Mp3, Mov, Avi, Wmv, etc and HD video can also be render. It is quite fast depending on your computer performance and you may select which part of the video you would like to render. 

Sony Vegas Video editor is easy to render

5. Other awesome feature

  There are other awesome feature on Sony Vegas like Cropping video, putting subtitle, creating credits, trim audio, etc. 

In a nutshell

  Sony Vegas is definitely my pick. Sony Vegas is a video editor that is well-recognize and there are millions of tutorial waiting for you to watch them. There is a 30 day free trial for you to use it, and then you can decide whether to buy them or not. I give Sony Vegas 10/10.

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